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First Time Visitors


Sunday Worship & Children’s Ministries are at 10:30am EDST on Sunday Mornings.
Sunday morning is a time for making connections, and a time for worship and spiritual growth. Visitors are always welcome, and whether you are looking for a church home or just passing through, we would love to have you join us!

Here are some answers to common questions.

  • How long is the Sunday morning service? The HCC worship service starts at 10:30 a.m. The service is typically 60-75 minutes in length, followed by a time after the service for refreshments and making connections. During this time you can introduce yourself to the host at the Information Center or say “hello” to one of the pastors.  

  • Will I be singled out as a “visitor”? HCC does not ask visitors to stand or introduce themselves. Visitors frequently blend in with regular attenders. If you would like, you can write your name on a name-tag (provided on a table as you enter the building), but this is always optional for regular attenders and guests who choose to wear them.  

  • Are children welcome? Absolutely!!! 

  • What are the options for infants and toddlers? For those who find it difficult to remain in worship with young children, there is a nursery available during the entirety of the service.

  • How about older children? The hope is that children become more and more comfortable in worship as they develop through the stages of childhood, adolescence, and into adulthood. Worship typically includes a “Children’s Moment,” where kids are invited to come forward to learn something about the theme of the day as it relates to their lives. Following this time, children are invited to attend age-specific classes where they continue learning and growing together.  Click here for more information about Sunday morning children’s ministry. 

  • What to wear? Dress as you feel comfortable. People typically dress up more than they would on a Saturday morning around the house, but this means different things to different people. You will find everything from casual (shorts and blue jeans) to business casual (dresses and button-up shirts). 

  • What happens in worship? The congregation sings contemporary songs of praise as well as enduring songs from the past led by our praise team. Often the choir sings, and sometimes you will hear from the bell choir or others offering special music. (To learn more about our music ministry click here.) Each Sunday we listen to Scripture and hear a thoughtfully communicated message related to our lives based on the reading of the day; we learn of things happening in the life of the church; and we leave encouraged by the beauty of our faith, ready to face the challenges of the coming week. We also collect an offering, experience prayer, and on the first Sunday of each month celebrate the Lord’s Supper as a sign of God’s grace available to all.  

  • Will people judge me if I don’t put money in the offering plate? Absolutely NOT! Visitors are never expected to give of themselves financially, and giving is always a voluntary act of worship. How much people give and how often they give is unique to each person. Some people give weekly while others give monthly. Some give on Sunday mornings and others give online. Our hope is that each person will be inspired to give as they are able.  

  • One more thing… If you are concerned about “standing out” or not “fitting in,” no worries! HCC likes people who “stand out” and don’t “fit in.” Our world is often fragmented based on age, gender, race, marital status, and social status, but the church is one place where people of different backgrounds come together based on their shared humanity. If you don’t see others who look like you, that’s great, but most likely, if you stick around for a while and say ‘hello’ to a few folks, you’re almost guaranteed to find some people who share your common values and interests.