Youth Ministries

WEDNESDAY YOUTH GROUP // 6-12 grade / 6:30–8:15pm
Great times including games & mixers, good times, Scripture, teaching, discussion, and camaraderie. We explore our faith more in-depth and allow space for questions to be asked and wrestled with. The goal of our youth ministry is to build Christian community, strengthen faith, and create a space for students to honestly explore questions of identity, belonging, and purpose. The greatest joy is when Jesus takes root in their hearts and lives, when they know who they are in Christ, and are inspired to live in light of that. The Apostle Paul expressed in Ephesians what is hoped for each student that comes to youth group, “I keep asking ….that you may know Him better.”

HIGH SCHOOL BOOK CLUB // 9-12 grade / Sunday Evenings
High schoolers gather on Sunday evenings for a small group just for them! This group is essentially a book club, but way more rad. We read books (sometimes the book is a book of the Bible, sometimes just a book), and then on Sunday evening get together to eat dinner and discuss what we are reading. The discussion is a time to explore, to doubt, to push back, to wonder, and to discuss questions of God, Jesus, faith, seeking to connect this ancient story to our lives, right here, right now!