Sunday Mornings

Children’s Ministry at HCC partners with parents to encourage children to know, love, and follow Jesus. We seek to help guide children from infancy to teen years in both knowing God and making God known.

Our nursery is staffed by a trained coordinator and assisted by volunteers. It is available Sunday mornings for ages 0-3.


Including students and children in the regular Sunday service is very important to the formation of faith and community. The Sunday Ministries for children are designed to maximize time together with the whole church as well as offer developmentally designed worship and educational experiences. Students therefore join the whole church for the first part of worship and then they are released following the Children’s Word.

SUMMER SCHEDULE: Grow Kids for Pre-K (see below) continues to gather through the summer. Children K-3 gather in the fellowship hall for Kid’s Ministry and return to the worship service just after the sermon.

Grow Kids // Pre-K—Basic sacred stories that focus on instilling in each child the truths that God made them and God loves them and the good news of Jesus is as much for them as anyone. By supporting families that desire to grow their children in the Christian faith, we hope to incite wonder, light sparks, and plant seeds in these fertile hearts as they grow on their journey of faith.

Wonder Room // K-3rd grades—A special place of worship and wonder where children can come to encounter God, experience the presence of God, and listen to God. It is a place where children come to nurture their spiritual life and their innate sense of God’s Spirit. The approach in the Wonder Room uses hands-on materials, allowing children to hear the biblical narrative while watching it unfold within a context of fellowship and freedom. 

Discover Class // 4th-6th grades—Children beginning to discover just how important they are in the body of Christ. These are critical years as children begin to transition from childhood into adulthood and more fully participate in Sunday corporate worship. On the first Sunday of the month these students remain in worship for the full duration. Discover seeks to foster and deepen the God given gift of discovery and excitement of learning and experiencing God as these kids further form their identity.

Confirmation // 7-8 grade / 9:30-10:15am (before Sunday Worship)—Confirmation fosters a deep and abiding relationship with God through exploring Scripture, asking hard questions, connecting their journey to the ancient stories, and wondering about how this rich faith matters in their lives today. Students are encouraged to begin, or take an intentional next step on their life-long journey as a followers of Jesus. Students attend each Sunday during the school year for two years, followed by a special Sunday in May when they have the opportunity to stand before the church and confirm their faith at this moment in their journey. 

CHILDREN’S Word—A highlight of the worship service! All children are invited forward to receive a Christ-centered message and blessing, and they often teach us a thing or two!